About Us

My Philosophy


Several years have passed since 1988, when I acquired my real estate broker’s license.  Many changes have occurred during those years, not just the ebb and flow of housing cycles.  Amazing technology advances through the Internet have changed the way that people do business and relate with one another.  However, the needs of consumers for sound and reliable advice have not changed.  In fact, they are greater than ever.


The implosion of Wall Street and the destabilization of the financial and housing markets combine with new trends to reshape how the American Dream looks.  Those trends are living within one’s means—less concern with conspicuous consumption; more reflective living and seeking inner meaning (redefining one’s priorities); and requiring authenticity of leaders, institutions, and service providers.  When applied to the real estate industry, those trends necessitate reliable and experienced Realtors® who, indeed, serve as consultants enabling you to understand the range of your options and make well informed decisions; to manage the intricacies of a real estate transaction, effectively negotiate to further your best interests and to achieve your real estate goals.

I bring to my profession a broad range of experiences and training that enable me to provide those services. My learning about hard work and effective service began as a boy when for many years I delivered newspapers door-to-door, 7 days a week—in all seasons, along with other odd jobs.  After high school I further developed self discipline, commitment, patience and how to maintain a peaceful mind through hardship while working as a laborer for 2 years mixing concrete, 14 hours a day, for 6 to 7 days a week.  Then I joined the Army, served as an infantry officer in Vietnam where I learned more about the value of human life, teamwork, and, the ethic of service above self.  Afterwards I enrolled in college and graduated from UC Berkeley -- Phi Beta Kappa—with an appreciation for the value of academic and intellectual rigor. 

Through the decades I have been a member of national (National Association of Realtors), state (California Association of Realtors) and local real estate associations and earned advanced real estate credentials; among them, the Certified Residential Specialist (CRS).   My business is based on satisfied clients.  Their testimonies evidence the solid and reliable service that I have provided them and their referrals.

I have been and am currently an officer of various civic and nonprofit organizations.  Public service broadens my scope of empathy and problem solving skills which are essential for real estate transactions to run smoothly.  People of all cultures desire a dignified way of life, to be understood and respected.  Being a husband and father, though, have provided me with the greatest opportunities to learn patience, skillfully listen, and appreciate how different kinds of support are needed by different personalities. 

The header of this website states “Enabling Families--Generation to Generation” because our long-term generational point of view strengthens the emotional and financial capacities of families to be stable and thrive.  That is what we encourage.  Indeed, when families cooperate to a level of synergy, they can achieve much more than they can separately. 

I look forward to be of service.

All the very best,