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Satisfied clients and their referrals are the foundation of our business.  The following is a sampling of testimonies from clients who represent a broad spectrum of buyers, sellers, investors, from various occupations, income levels, in different stages of life and cultural groups.  

Ken Hardman was recommended to me by friends who had used Ken's real estate expertise before and knew Ken would do a good job in helping me buy a house in Fremont.  In speaking with Ken he informed me he was willing to also sell my house in Oakdale, California.  This meant a 89 mile drive, one way, for Ken.  My Oakdale house was put on the market with Ken "holding my hand" the entire time.  Ken was there at all times giving me any informaton I needed, crunching numbers, keeping me updated on the market in the Oakdale area and convincing me the market would support the asking price.  Selling one's home has to be rated in the top 5 stress producers.  Ken surely helped the process with his professional manner and knowledge of the real estate market.  He is reliable, an agent who is there for his clients and follows up right to the last paper signed. 

Kay Hutchison

My wife and I have known Ken and his family for several years so I knew him to be a man of character.  Having been a home inspector for several years and associating with realtors, I knew how hard it is to find one that could really provide superior service when it comes down to it.  Ken provided me with that superior service while I looked to purchase a residence around the Hayward and Castro Valley areas.  Unexpectedly, my wife and I decided to look into the town of Valley Springs about 100 miles east of the Bay Area.  I asked Ken if he was able to provide services for that area.  He told me that if I wanted him to, that he could.  I was more than skeptical.  Ken stuck with me throughout the home locating, driving the distance when I called and said I needed him there.  When we were ready to write the offer, Ken drove up, laid out his computer and printer at the local fast food restaurant, produced the offer, delivering it immediatley.

It always surprised me, to find out the number of things Ken had already done to move the process along smoothly, since we had last talked.  He made all the connections with the parties involved in the most professional manner, fostering trust to expedite the process.  Ken can see the big picture throughout the process especially when things get stressful.  With our offer accepted, we were soon able to move into our beautiful home.  I can say this, if Ken tells you he will do something, he does it, and a lot more.

Robert and Annie Calavan

I was pleased to rely on Ken Hardman's real estate expertise when I was looking for a property in the Bay Area.  Ken was available at all times, giving me any information that I needed, crunching numbers, and keeping me updated on the market.  He is very professional and has an extensive knowledge of the real estate market.  I always had my questions answered satisfactorily.

Because he is a man of his word, he is reliable and follows up right to the last paper signed.  He made my experience of the investment buying process a pleasure.

Clare Flores

Specifically I want to thank Ken for helping me buy my house in Tracy.  He always showed and explained to me all my options and kept me informed throughout the entire process of buying my house.  

He also supported me with selling my house.  Thanks to him and his help I was able to sell it in one day and receive more money than I asked for. 

Mirwais Ahmad

Dear prospective client of Ken Hardman/Heart & Home Realty,

I'm sitting in my brand new living room watching the delivery men unpack and gingerly place my new furniture about the room.  I often find myself thinking how I got here, we let me share with you the hightlights of my home buying journey.  As a first time homebuyer I found myself entering a new and different world.  I had previously rented all of my past residences and decided this was the time to finally buy.  Not knowing anything about real estate, I needed a professional to assist me in this new realm, someone who would look out for my best interests and guide me through the process.

My financial advisor Samo Karosec at Pacesetter Financial referred me to Ken Hardman/Heart & Home Realty.  Ken was eager to answer any questions I threw at him (and believe me I sure was pitching them hard).  His knowledge and experience regarding the home buying process was phenomenal.  Every question I had was answered.  Even when I did not understand why certain things were the way they were Ken took the time to explain to me so that I completely understood what was going on.  Ken made home buying easier because he took the time to explain rather than just tell me "well that's just how it is."  I appreciated that type of approach since this was all new to me, I definitely did not feel taken advantage of.

On of my favorite sayings is "Say what you mean, mean what you say."  Ken Hardman is a firm believer of this as well.  Upon our first conversations regarding buying a home he told me "I will do my best to get you into the house you want.  You will have nothing but 100% from me."  I didn't get 100%; I got 110% from Ken Hardman.  He commuted out to my city (approximately 1 hour out of his way) on numerous occasions, he continuously kept me updated on any new developments (via telephone and e-mail), and he also worked closely with my financial advisor so I could get the biggest "bang for my buck."  It was this type of treatment that I knew Ken was a professional.

Along the way in my home buying process we hit a wall with my seller.  Things got a bit hectic.  It was an emotional few weeks.  I thought I was going to loose the home I had fallen in love with.  Ken continuously reassured us we would pull through.  With Ken's keen negotiation skills we wound up with the scale tipped in our favor.  Ken went above and beyond the call of duty for me, for this I am very thankful.  In the end, it seemed as if both sides were victorious.  We both got what we wanted, a place to call home.

Now as we place furniture, pictures on the wall, towels in the closet, and trim the bushes in the backyard, I can't help but be thankful that I was referred to Ken Hardman.  I am not only grateful for his hard work and dedication to his profession; I am very pleased with the home buying process.  Our house is perfect, we could not have asked for more.  It seems as if daily we are adding to the house little things here and there, but most of all the two of us are creating memories for a lifetime.  Ken, thank you for helping us achieve our dream of being homeowners.


Joanna Grivetti and Shawn Moore

To Whomever It May Concern: 


I have had the good fortune to know Ken Hardman as a man of character for over 20 years. I have worked with Ken, in his professional capacity as a Real Estate Broker/Owner, to complete the successful purchase of a beautiful, reasonably-priced 2 bedroom condo in San Leandro, and a beautiful, executive home inConcord, CA. 

I have absolutely no reservation about sincerely recommending Ken for anyone who is seriously considering his professional real estate services.

For me, Ken was incredibly diligent and delivered exceptional, consistent service, especially within the constraints of my 800 mile distance from the area and several other timely factors affecting the pressure on my schedule.

Ken kept pace with my desire to review dozens of options and addressed a plethora of my detailed questions while persisting with me until we found the best fit. This condo and executive home are also proving to be wise decisions for our family.

Ken took whatever time it took to make sure I understood the whole range of  complexities and details I needed to understand to make an informed and the most intelligent long-term decision on such a major purchase. It was clear to me that he put me and high caliber service first and foremost in his mind.

I also know that, on both a personal and professional level, Ken is committed to his continuous improvement and whole-heartedly invests himself in ways to help advance and enhance his ability to serve well.

If you need any additional information or if you have any questions, please contact me at my daytime offices at 480-837-8342. Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

Don Sardella, President

Institute for Leadership Development, LLC


Just a note to let you know how much I appreciate all your work in closing the sale of my home in Fremont.  You really went above and beyond your duties as my agent.  Thank you for always keeping me informed of the progress of the work being done and also for arranging for all the contractors that were needed.  All my best to you and your understanding family.

Dorothy Winslow

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